Hi, friends! What are you doing for lunch and dinner this Monday,Oct 23rd? 
If you'll join us at Buffalo Wild Wings in Orange Park, we will sing for you AND BWW will donate 10% of the bill (if it exceeds $300) to Jax Harmony Chorus! How cool is that!!!! This even includes cocktails!

So if you've wanted to help with chorus fundraising but haven't been able to in the past, all you have to do is do your monthly lunch or dinner on the town this Monday at Buffalo Wild Wings, and that's it! It won't cost you any extra. And maybe this is the opportunity for you to try a new restaurant if you haven't been there before!

We sure hope to see you Monday night. That's when we'll all be there to greet you and sing for you; but the coupon is good starting at 11 am until 11pm, so come when you are able to! Please print the ticket below and take it with you. This is what gets the chorus our 10% of proceeds! If you don't have a printer, just save the image to your phone and show it to the waitress. 
Thanks, friends! We appreciate you so much! See you Monday night!

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