Welcome to Jacksonville Harmony Chorus and to our first e-newsletter! We hope to make this a quarterly communication effort for our friends and fans to give you the latest updates on news and progress and to hopefully inspire involvement. To automatically receive this quarterly newsletter, click here. December is a busy month for Jax Harmony Chorus, as you can imagine! This is the month in which we set aside most of our performance pieces and pull out and polish the holiday tunes. And this holiday season we will have lots of opportunities to sing those old Christmas classics, along with some new pieces equally as beautiful. With several scheduled performances this month, we are sure to be near your part of town. We’d love to see you come out and cheer us on!




We’d like to welcome our newest members to Jax Harmony. We are so glad to have this fabulous group of women join us!

·      Deana Chupp - Bari

·      Marcy Brenner - Bari

·      Tara Jean Harris - Tenor

·      Kim Higdon – Lead



We are saddened by the loss of two of our members (both basses) as they’ve moved away from sunny Florida. Farewell to Kay Haden and Ellen Kiser who are now living in Texas, Plano and San Antonio, respectively. We will miss you ladies dearly—especially our bass section!





Here’s our December lineup. Performances range from full-chorus to 8-person ensemble to quartets. For specific details on each, visit our Events page. We’ll have some pictures to show you next month!

·      3rd – Lighthouse Christian Academy

·      5th – Dillards

·      12th – Dillards

·      11th – Pine Ridge Community Center

·      12th – riverside Arts Market

·      13th – Magnolia Point Country Club

·      15th – Holiday Party

·      17th – Ft Caroline Baptist Church


There’s a little bee that’s been flying around the chorus lately putting the buzz in the ears of some to start new quartets, and it seems to be sticking! We’ve got at least two new quartets started who are trying out their blends for harmony. We look forward to announcing them in the near future. Stand by!





·      Sue Gordon – Lead

·      Tara Jean Harris - Tenor

Happy birthday to these two lovely ladies. Sue is a dual member, also serving in the Hilton Head Shore Notes, and Tara Jean is our newest member, having joined our group just last month! Happy birthday, ladies!



Jax Harmony is collecting shoes to send overseas to 26 developing nations and make a difference. You can help us literally change lives around the world. Your shoes become inventory for countless families who survive on as little as $2 a day. This is not a living wage for impoverished families. Instead, with our collective efforts, families are provided an economic lifeline to help them out of poverty. The shoes you collect are repaired, cleaned and sold for a profit around the globe.

How You Can Help: Look through your closet and gather up any shoes that you haven’t worn in the last six months. If you’ll bring them to our practice facility on any Tuesday between 7 and 10, we will take them from there. If you have more than 50 pairs of shoes, we will come pick them up from you. Just message us here.




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Thank you for your generous support. We wish you the warmest of greetings and blessings this holiday season.





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