Jax Harmony recently celebrated the 50-year landmark of one of our cherished sisters, Jackie Russo, who received in April the Golden Girl award for 50 years of service in the Sweet Adeline family.

Jackie began her Sweet Adeline journey in New Jersey with the Atlantic City small chorus where she acted as treasurer and sang baritone. It would not be until 14 years later that Jackie would be “saved” as a bass, a voice part she would stick with for 36 more years.

From Atlantic City, Jackie moved to Song of the Atlanta (formerly Song of the South), still a bass but this time president! And from there she moved to the Jacksonville Chorus (Now Jax Harmony). In need of a director, Jackie was asked to step up and direct.

“I am convinced its because they went through the alphabet and “R” was at the end,” Jackie teased, “and I could stand up and wave my hands!” Soon thereafter, Jax Harmony’s current director, Ann Gooch, relieved her of her hand-waving duties.

From Jacksonville to Treasure Coast to Royal Palm to Miami’s Suncoast and back to Royal Palm and finally back to Jacksonville, Jackie sang with and made some great life-long friends.

“It’s such a delight no matter where I go with Sweet Adelines,” Jackie said. “I see so many wonderful friends and people from the past.”

Jackie was on the board of every chorus she belonged to and was also a regional liaison. She has always enjoyed being a member and attributes her good health to her membership.

“It’s the people and the friends,” Jackie said. “When my husband, Al, died, they were all there for me.”

Jackie plans to stay in Sweet Adelines for the duration and jokes that she doesn’t mind spending her children’s inheritance in the process! Here’s to you, Jackie Russo, for giving 50 years of your life to the love of your life—Sweet Adelines. Cheers!